Monthly Grief Support Meetings

Each Sharing Parents meeting is unique and appropriate no matter how long ago the parents’ losses occurred. Each meeting has different facilitators and different participants at different places in their grief journey. Parents further along in their grief journey are able to revisit similar meeting topics over the years from a different vantage point. A meeting might be similar in topic to one they have attended last year, but will not be repetitive. Our meeting topics are gentle guides in prompting discussion. Our meetings honor parents’ needs to discuss whatever they are experiencing at the time.

2018 Grief Support Meetings:

*All meetings are from 7 to 9 pm at Sutter Roseville Medical Center in Conference Room #8 or #10.

  • January 7 (**First Sunday of the month)

  • February 11

  • March 11

  • April 8

  • May 6 (**First Sunday of the month)

  • June 10

  • July 8

  • August 12

  • September 9

  • October 14, 4pm – October Memorial (**No Support Meeting)

  • November 4 (**First Sunday of the month)

  • December 9