We are deeply sorry for your loss but glad you have found us. We believe the grief of a pregnancy or infant loss is a journey that no parent should endure alone. We are here for you.

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If you know someone who has experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, you may be asking yourself how to compassionately support them through the difficult journey ahead.

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Thank you for sharing the support resources that Sharing Parents provides with your clients and patients.

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Sharing Parents relies upon a team of dedicated volunteers to promote a compassionate and supportive community for grieving parents.

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Who We Are

Sharing Parents is a community of parents who have experienced the loss of a baby from the time of conception through early infancy.  Sharing Parents provides a safe place for grieving parents to share their feelings and experiences with a compassionate community.  We give and receive support by sharing our common experiences, learning about the natural grief process, identifying our emotions, and working through our loss.  For over 30 years, Sharing Parents has helped parents move towards healing.

What Our Parents Say

At first I was terrified to attend a meeting. I didn't see myself as needing a support group, but now I can't imagine not having the support I found at Sharing Parents. I walked out of my first meeting feeling understood and normal.

Sharing Parents was the only place I could talk freely about my baby girl without having to worry about making others uncomfortable. No one else in my life understood that even though she never took a breath, for us she was as real and as loved as the child that celebrates her first birthday. The validation, support, and love we received was critical to helping us grieve in our own way and made healing possible.

It is unfortunate HOW we came to find Sharing Parents, but we are so thankful for the support and compassion they offer, since the grief journey of losing an infant/child seems so lonely. It’s comforting to know that we are not alone and that there are so many thoughtful and caring volunteers at Sharing Parents who are willing to help you through such an overwhelming grief process. Thank you!

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